Checkout Flows

Cloudshelf currently supports two checkout flows:

  1. Shopify Checkout - The checkout is processed via Shopify (if you are a Shopify Retailer).
  2. Cloudshelf Basket Transfer - The users basket is saved to our API as an Order with the DRAFT_BASKET status. When the user scans the checkout QR code, they are redirected to your own checkout environment with the order ID included in the checkout URL.
    1. It should be noted that for Cloudshelf Basket Transfer to work correctly, you need to provide the URL in your Organization Settings section of the Cloudshelf Manager.
    2. This URL should be the URL of your checkout page, with the order ID appended to the end of the URL as a query parameter. For example, if your checkout URL is , then the URL you should provide in the Cloudshelf Manager is{key} . The key will be replaced with the actual order ID when the user scans the QR code.