Welcome to the Cloudshelf Omnichannel API Documentation!

The Cloudshelf Omnichannel API is intended to help you build connections to eCommerce platforms, so that you can use Cloudshelf as your endless aisle solution. Our API is built using GraphQL so that we can offer flexibility and the ability to define precisely the data you want to fetch.

For more information about Cloudshelf, and all that we do see here .

Getting Started

If your eCommerce platform is supported out of the box, you won't need to build your own Custom Connector; however you may still want to use our API to build your own extensions.

If your eCommerce platform is not supported out of the box, then you will need to build a Custom Connector.

To get started with the API, you'll need to:

Then you can start using the API, the general flow of data is usually:

Additionally, for production connections you will want to Sync Content Regularly to ensure that your Cloudshelf is always up to date.